Climate Control

Have you ever wanted to adjust the temperature in the room without having to get up to find the thermostat?  M1 brings the thermostat to you – or, more exactly, to your smart phone. Next time you need to adjust the temperature up or down, just access our Control 4 interface right on your device, select the comfort system, and adjust the temperature to your liking. 

The battle of the thermostat can finally be won. Cozy up with climate control the entire family can agree on!

Controlled Lighting

 Our electrical engineering department will design all aspects of your lighting system. M1 will work with your plans and budgets to create a perfect lighting environment for your home or office. Our technicians will install and program your lights, and are Lutron Trained and Certified. From start to completion, we will be there every step of the way.

Multi Room Audio

The request has increased for centrally located systems that distribute multi room audio throughout your whole entire home. Control 4 eliminates the need for you to walk room to room to change songs or adjust volumes. With one press of a button from your smart phone, or in wall touch screen you can control your whole audio system with your finger tips.

Let M1 make entertaining your guest that much more exciting!

Smart Home Control

Let M1 create a system that allows your music, video, lights, security and comfort to be controlled with one easy press of a button. 

Effortlessly listen to your favorite music anywhere in your home while pressing one button to create the perfect lighting ambiance for entertaining in your open concept kitchen.

From your smart phone while at home or away, view your surveillance cameras, disarm/arm your security system, unlock the door if your child forgets their keys or even set the correct temperature from a single device. Smart home technology makes being away from home, that less stressful. 

We offer solutions for both new construction and existing homes for the Metro New York area.

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